Gyula Apartment 10 - near the Castle Bath

Small apartment for 1-2 people - accommodation with 2 folding bedsl

Minimum booking: 1 night

Recommended: Designed for travelers, holiday makers, Gyula for those who are interested in the events or the couple, the Castle Bath - thermal bath.

The small apartment - accommodation is located in the neighborhood of the Gyula Castle Bath - thermal bath. The couches are either separate or simply foldable.

Apartment 10 - near the Castle Bath - Gyula accommodation


The accommodation layout:

  • The bedroom and kitchen are one-roomed.
  • In the apartment the kitchen is well equipped: two hotplates, fridge, microwave, toaster, water heater, coffee maker, dishes, plates, cutlery, etc.
  • The apartment also features an LCD TV, which also adds to the relaxation.
    With the window-locking window on the window, night darkness can be added at any time in the apartment.
  • The en suite bathroom features a hydromassage shower and a hood and hood to complete the comfort of the bathroom.
  • The bathroom is shared with the toilet in the apartment.
  • The climate can be requested on request.

Its layout is also remarkable in relation to Gyula. Carefully maintained, clean apartment. The Castle Bath is 2-3 minutes walk.

The base of the apartment:


Season price 07.01–08.24

Pre- and post season

Out of season
1 night
8500_Ft/night 7500_Ft/night 7000_Ft/night
2-3 night
8000_Ft/night 7000_Ft/night 6500_Ft/night
4-6 night
7500_Ft/night 6500_Ft/night 6000_Ft/night
7- night
6500_Ft/nightj 6000_Ft/night 5500_Ft/night

(The price does not include local tax - 450 Ft / person / night from 18 years.)

During special events and periods, the "Season price" or our special offer is valid.

Discounted rates are subject to discount rates!

Other optional options:

  • Use of air conditioning: 1000_Ft / 24 hours
  • Breakfast menu: + 900_ HUF / person (View / download the menu - Gyula can be eaten at the Várkert Terrace Restaurant (at the main entrance of Gyula Castle Bath.)
  • Lunch: + 1400_Ft / person
  • Dinner: + 1400_Ft / person
  • Parking: see "Services" menu
Please email for more information about this apartment. Click here!

Pictures of the interior layout of the apartment:

The sleeping area - Gyula Apartment 10 - Gyula accommodation

Apartment 10 Floor Plan - Gyula Apartment 10 - Gyula accommodation

Entering the apartment you can see this - Gyula Apartment 10

The sleeping area - Gyula Apartment 10 - Gyula accommodation

 Gyula Apartment 10 - Gyula accommodation

Entering the apartment we can see this - Gyula Apartment 10 - Gyula accommodation

 Photos of the bathroom - Gyula Apartment 10

Photos of the bathroom - Gyula accommodation

Photos of the bathroom - Gyula Apartman 10 - Gyula accommodation

Gyula, Vár utca 4 Tel: +3670/533-30-33

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    Gyula Apartment Services

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