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Tel: +36 70 533 30 33


Szállás cím: Hungary,

5700 Gyula,

Vár utca 4.

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Gyula apartman
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Gyula szállás - apartman
Szép kártya elfogadóhely

Gyula szállás, apartman egész éveben kiadó.

Gyula apartman - szállás, a gyulai Várfürdő (termálfürdő, gyógyfürdő, strand) szomszédságában

Gyula apartman,
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A Burg Apartman a Gyulai Vár és a Gyulai Várfürdő szomszédságában várja Önt!

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  Hungary - Gyula accommodation

Gyula Burg Apartman Gyula Várfürd? - termálfürd? Gyulai Vár este

The Burg Apartment was built in 2007. We are waiting our guests in the whole year. It is situated 100 meters from the Gyula's Castle and  200 meters from the thermal Bath-with a comfortable walk 2-3 minutes. Gyula is ideal for relaxing and spending free time (e.g. Wellnes part of the thermal bath). You can choose from among the permanent festivals near the castle, the Rowing Lake formed from the moat of the Castle, the playground next to, the nice parks, fountains, the Castle Bath, and the leisure activities, which are supplied by the spa-town. The new pedestrian precinct of the town and its intimate restaurants, confectioner's shops offer you gastronomy specialities. In Gyula the Castle Bath - thermal bath provides therapies for the guests. The wellness part of the thermal bath offers a number of great experiences to children and adults as well.

The Burg Apartment is for the guests' comfortable, ensures a peaceful accommodation. It has got an enclosed parking place, so when there are  festivals around the Castle you don't have to look for a parking place. The grocery, hairdresser can be found 100 meters from the Burg Apartment. Each apartment has its own kitchen and bathroom. (Ready-to-eat meals can be ordered). The bathrooms has showercabins (with massage-function) and toilet-netts (bidet), smell- and  steam extractor, which give you a better comfort-feeling. Inside the building we assure wireless internet connection those, who have a computer. Internet and computer games are available on the computer on the first floor's corridor. Using fees: 250 Ft/half hour. The apartments on the first floor are equipped with outer shadowing and indoor windows-shade.


Five apartments are waiting for you, each of them is a bit different:

Name of accommodation
Description of accommodation

Gyula Apartment 11.:

is suitable for 4 persons + 1-2 children. Exclusive apartment - accommodation.

Gyula Apartment 12.:

is suitable for 2+ 1 adults or 2 adults + 1 children. The favorite of the families, its price is the best in this category.

Gyula Apartment 13.:

an apartment for 2 persons - Gyula accommodation.

Gyula Apartment 14.:

an apartment for 2 persons - Gyula accommodation.

Gyula Apartment 15.:

is suitable for 2+2 adults and 1-2 children - Gyula accommodation.

Gyula Apartment 6.:

is on the groud floor. It's suitable for 3 adults + 1 adult or children - accommodation.


Burg Apartman
4 Vár Street, Gyula, 5700 Hungary
Phone: +36702528395
Fax: 66/463-426


Take the accommodation:
from 14:00 o'clock

Leave the accommodation:
To 10 o'clock 

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Accommodation, apartment in Hungary - Gyula