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The Gyula's Castle is located in 2 minutes and the thermal Bath is in 3 minutes from the Burg Apartment. Restaurant can be found in 1 minute, Coop Store in 2 minutes, City Trip Small Train in 3 minutes, Bringóhintó in 4-5 minutes, pedestrian precinct of the town in 6-8 minutes, fountains in 12-15 minutes with a comfortable walk. Every apartment is located in one of the most wanted places in Gyula. We provide in our special offer vacation for 7 nights both in the season and out of the season for a reasonable price. Check the "Special offers" tab!

  • Gyula Apartment 13

    Gyula Apartment 13

    Gyula Apartment 13 - Gyula Accommodation Accommodation for 2 adults - apartment Minimum booking: 3 nights Recommended: For a holiday for couples, families, friends, visitors of the Read More
  • Gyula Apartment 14

    Gyula Apartment 14

    Gyula Apartment 14 - Accommodation in Gyula Apartment for 2 people - accommodation with a double bed and a small armchair Minimum booking: 3 night Recommended: Couples. Read More
  • Gyula Apartment 12

    Gyula Apartment 12

    Gyula Apartment 12 - Accommodation in Gyula near the Castle Bath Accommodation in Gyula for 3 adults - apartment. (1 double bed and 1 single bed) Reservable Read More
  • Gyula Apartment 6

    Gyula Apartment 6

    Gyula Apartment 6 - near the Castle Bath - Spa Minimum booking: 3 nights 2-3 adults + extra beds for 1 adult or child accommodation - apartment. Designed: for Read More
  • Gyula Apartment 11

    Gyula Apartment 11

    Gyula Apartment 11 - near the Castle Bath - Spa - Gyula accommodation 3 - 4 adults quality accommodation, accommodation in Gyula.. Minimal reservation: 3 nights Designed for business Read More
  • Gyula Apartment 15

    Gyula Apartment 15

    Gyula Apartment 15 - near the Castle Bath - Spa - Gyula accommodation 2 + 2 adults accommodation - Gyula apartment. Minimum stay: 3 nights Recommended for: families, friends, the Castle Read More
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Gyula City: Gyula is experiencing spectacular changes

All recommended accommodation - apartments - are located in the center of Gyula, which are well-equipped and cozy. The apartments next to the Gyula"s Castle Bath are waiting for their guests in the whole year. The thermal bath - the spa, the Gyula's Castle and its park, the boating lake, the Almásy Castle are only 2-3 minutes away from the Burg Apartment. Gyula is the city of flowers in summer, whose opening ceremony is the Festival of Flowers in May. The Gyula Castle bath's iodine bath is the "health bastion". Gyula is spending a lot on the Castle Bath. In 2009, a new world-class sauna park was added to the wellness section. In 2013, the new Aquapalota with more than 1000 m2 was completed. A unique feature is Saturday's bathing night. The thermal water of the Castle Bath heals. The Gyula Castle Theater, the festivals throughout the summer, and the thermal spa - provide a year-round program for visitors. Gyula is a good choice for relaxation in winter and summer. The apartments and apartments of Gyula provide the comfort of a relaxed holiday, holiday and recreation. Gyula, the Pálinka Festival, the Castle Theater, the End of the Days and the Sausage Festival. The values ​​of the area of ​​Gyula are also noteworthy. Gyula's programs await you from April to August. It is also a nice gift for the Burg Apartment. One of the attractive hotels in Gyula is Burg Apartment.

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Gyula, Vár utca 4 Tel: +3670/533-30-33

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  • Gyula Apartment Services

    Gyula Apartment Services

    Gyula apartment information about the service: Check in from 14:00 to 16:00. If you can arrive at a different time, please indicate (we are flexible). Payment on arrival, upon receipt of the apartment. Currency: cash (HUF). Transfer of apartment on departure day: 10 am. It is also possible to keep a package on Read More
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Gyula: programs

  • Gyula program offers

    Gyula program offers

    Gyula, Burg Apartment: program offers   Gyula Castle Bath and Aqua Palace / Spa - Beach (19 pools await you), Gyula Castle, Castle museum, Almásy-mansion, Erkel Ferenc Memorial House (XXI. Century museum), Read More
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Gyula szállás

A belső zárt udvar

Gyula szállás - pihenősarok

 Szállás Gyula központjában - pihenő/dohányzó


 Szállás Gyula központjában - kerti sátor

Gyula apartman : egy népszerű játék a télikertben - csocsó

 A szállás télikertje a csocsó asztallal

Gyula szállás : asztalitenisz - ping pong

 A szállás szárazkapujában elhelyezett asztalitenisz

Gyula Castle Bath, thermal bath, spa


Castle Museum with interesting sights


Gyula Várszínház

Gyula Castle Theater


Gyula - Patrióta kisvendéglő

Here you are the GUEST


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