Gyula Apartment 11 - near the Castle Bath - Spa - Gyula accommodation

3 - 4 adults quality accommodation, accommodation in Gyula..

Minimal reservation: 3 nights

Designed for business partners, families, friends, visitors to the Castle Baths. (The most beautiful apartment for the apartment house.)

Gyula Apartment 11 near the Castle Bath - thermal bath

he accommodation is located in the center of Gyula, in the neighborhood of Gyula Castle Bath - a spa, beach. Burg Apartment's most beautiful accommodation. Close to 50 square meters is an exclusive apartment. The equipment is carefully selected, not ordinary pieces. The apartment has an entrance hall, living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The accommodation is elegant, homely and beautiful. One bedroom has a 22 cm thick foam foam mattress. We recommend this apartment to those who love classic and comfortable furnishings. This is the most impressive apartment of all accommodations. A large LCD TV, reading lamps and an alarm radio will help you relax in the apartment. Carefully maintained, clean apartment. It also has air conditioning. The "old" style bedroom beds conceal more than 22 cm thick foam foam mattresses for your perfect rest.

The windows are equipped with a thermal shutter, and in summer there is a shadow window. The apartment consists of 4 rooms, no extra beds. The Castle Bath - thermal bath - 2-3 minutes walk.

The basic price of the Apartment:

Gyula - season price

Gyula - pre- and

Gyula - out of season
1-2 night --- --- ---
3 night 26000_Ft/night 25000_Ft/night 24000_Ft/night
4-6 night 25000_Ft/night 24000_Ft/night 23000_Ft/night
7- night 24000_Ft/night 23000_Ft/night 22000_Ft/night

(The price does not include local tax - 450 Ft / person / night from 18 years.)

For special events and periods, the "Season Price" is in effect.

Discounted rates are subject to discount rates!

Other optional options:

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Phone: +36/70/533-30-33

Pictures of the interior layout of the apartment:

 Gyula Apartment 11 Floor Plan

Apartment 11 Floor Plan - Gyula Apartment

Gyula Apartment 11 - detail of the living room - Gyula Accommodation

Gyula Apartment 11 Living Room - Accommodation Gyula

Gyula apartment has 11 living rooms  - the near the Castle Bath - Spa

More pictures of the living room - Gyula Apartment 11

Gyula Apartment 11 - miniskitchen - the near the Castle Bath - Spa

Gyula Apartment has 11 mini-kitchens

Gyula apartment 11 - bedroom 1 - the near the Castle Bath - Spa

One bedroom (this is opposite the living room).

Gyula Apartment 11 - bedroom 2 - the near the Castle Bath - Spa

The side bedroom - with old-style high beds, 22 cm thick foam mattress. They are favorites of older people..

Gyula apartment 11 bathrooms - the near the Castle Bath - Spa

Bathroom of the apartment - Gyula Apartment


Gyula, Vár utca 4 Tel: +3670/533-30-33

Apartman info - En

  • Gyula Apartment Services

    Gyula Apartment Services

    Gyula apartment information about the service: Check in from 14:00 to 16:00. If you can arrive at a different time, please indicate (we are flexible). Payment on arrival, upon receipt of the apartment. Currency: cash (HUF). Transfer of apartment on departure day: 10 am. It is also possible to keep a package on Read More
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Gyula: programs

  • Gyula program offers

    Gyula program offers

    Gyula, Burg Apartment: program offers   Gyula Castle Bath and Aqua Palace / Spa - Beach (19 pools await you), Gyula Castle, Castle museum, Almásy-mansion, Erkel Ferenc Memorial House (XXI. Century museum), Read More
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